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If you have arrived at VW Physique you’re looking to a prepare for a photoshoot, bodybuilding show or achieve a body transformation.

We go above and beyond a simple training program and meal plan to help our clients achieve their goals, instead we take more of a holistic approach. Firstly, we optimise digestion, eradicating any bloating, constipation or gas related issues they may have.

Reducing stress is on the top of our agenda due to the simple fact that increased levels of stress can effect the bodies ability to add muscle or lose body fat. Alongside this we apply fundamental recovery principles to ensure our clients are ready for their next session which allow their physique to excel.

Programs are personalised to the individual, designed to take into considerations areas of the body that they would like to improve. This will include the processes that allow them to bring up weak body parts and supports one of the most fundamental variables in training which is how well you can recover.

We strive to create an environment that inspires everyone to attain their goals, and we are driven by a genuine and wholehearted determination to help our clients achieve theirs.

Who is VW Physique?

We are THEM. We are THEY. We are US.


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Jade Fraser

Jade first came on board after competing in her first bikini show with the ultimate goal of regaining hormonal control over her body and improving […]

Photoshoot/Show Prep

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Ryan Mulvey

Ryan first came on board in 2020 with the goal of competing. I was honest with him from the start and said he needed a […]

Photoshoot/Show Prep

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Kristina Ceslikauskaite

When Kristina first reached out she has dreams of competing, she just didn’t know how to get there. Having never spent long periods of time […]

Photoshoot/Show Prep

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Bringing up weak areas to improve your physique

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Overcoming self-doubt

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