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Vaughan Wilson

Physique Coach

Bespoke Online Coaching

Whatever your goal, no matter how big, or small, you can unlock your potential. I strive to create an environment that inspires everyone to attain their goals, and I am driven by a genuine and wholehearted determination to help my clients achieve these.

About Us

We are a team of passionate individuals who help men and women transform their lives, achieving a physique they never thought possible whilst becoming an elite version of themselves. We show them how to eradicate bad habits, improve exercise execution and how to over come limiting beliefs.

We believe that through hard work and consistency you can completely transform your body and mind. We understand that the journey does not simply end and that instead, it is on going process.

Any goal must have a foreseeable future, one in which sacrifices, will ultimately need to be made. This is where communication comes tightly into focus within the relationship client and coach share, to achieve the set goal. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, nor are we prepared to offer generic programmes.  Instead, we focus on proven evidence-based methods which we use to deliver the highest quality results, tailor-made to your specific requirements and goals.  Our goal focus is fuelled by the continuous research and study that I undertake in the twin fields of training and nutrition which keep me at the forefront of the industry.

There is no better feeling than witnessing your body becoming stronger, leaner and more physically capable.  Whatever your goals, and no matter what challenges you face, we are here to help you every step of the way.

We are Them. We are They. We are Us.


Online coaching where proven evidence based methods are used to deliver the highest quality results, tailor-made to your specific requirements and goals. The first 12 weeks are to be paid in full before moving onto a monthly direct debit.

  • Monthly Online Coaching

    Weekly check ins, tailored program and meal plans. Analysis of training videos to improve exercise execution. Daily support.

    • Gold £175
    • Silver £115
  • Skype Call

    One hour where you can ask me anything about fitness, nutrition or PEDs

    • £60
  • 10/10 takes so much effort and time into each client. Got me in the best shape I have ever been and got me on stage twice. His knowledge and passion for bodybuilding and fitness as a whole is unreal. Would recommend to anyone, no mater the fitness goals

    Chris Bayne
  • Vaughan has been brilliant in helping me begin my journey I was nervous to begin with but he sat me down and put any doubts I had at ease very quickly. Working with Vaughan is working at a whole other level and working on the things that make the changes you want!

    Jake Lauder
  • "Before I began my training with Vaughan, I had never even stepped into a gym. Not only has his support and knowledge kept me motivated, but given me results beyond my expectations as well as let me achieve goals I never thought I could. He has helped me completely change my life for the better both in my physical health and diet"

    Indre Urbanavičiūtė
  • Vaughan is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to share this with other PT’s, clients or people in general. He is so passionate and his work ethic is genuinely admirable. He takes a honest interest in his clients and their lives and emotional/mental well being, Vaughan goes above and beyond just giving you an hour in the gym.

    Caitlin Thom


I go much further than a simple program and meal plan. We will optimise digestive health, sleep quality, stress, recovery and nutritional composition of food. Weekly monitoring and adjustments made accordingly. Look better, feel better.

  • I started working with Vaughan over a year ago, his enthusiasm and passion for his work is evident as soon as you meet him. Genuinely cares about his clients and provides all the expertise you need to meet your goals. Vaughan really goes the extra mile and is always on hand for any questions and queries, I would highly recommend him to anyone

    Jordan Mcgregor
  • Vaughan is a true expert in his field and is full of passion for what he does. Vaughan went above and beyond especially in the latter part of the prep to make sure I was in the best shape I could be. Working in he fitness industry myself, I’ve learned so much from Vaughan. His service & professionalism is outstanding!

    Emma Thomas
  • Vaughan has been my online coach since January and I couldn’t be happier. He is an expert in his field of coaching, training and nutrition and his results speak for themselves. He’s extremely supportive and the attention to detail is faultless. I cannot recommend enough!

    Clara Swedlund

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