Find out a little bit more about the team and see how although they use the same methodologies to achieve elite transformations  that they all  have a slightly different approach to coaching. As a client you will become part of the team but work directly with your chosen coach to achieve your transformation.

The team all offer online coaching but some do 1-1 gym based sessions and 1-1 posing sessions. In doing so they cater to all of your needs, if you’d prefer to work in a gym environment or need that hands on approach with posing, they have you covered.

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Vaughan Wilson

Vaughan Wilson

Online Physique Coach: Founder of VW Physique Class category: Classic Physique

After graduating with an honours degree in Sports Biomedicine and working with hundreds of men and women over the years I have developed a bullet proof system to ensure you achieve a result far greater than you ever dreamed of. Whether it is a show/shoot or a lifestyle transformation we will get there by giving it the big beanz, the whole beanz, and nothing but the beanz.

Clara Swedlund

Clara Swedlund

Role: Online Physique Coach Class category: Bikini/Fitness Model Pro

As a trainee sport and exercise psychologist, I help people like you elevate their body and mind to become elite versions of themselves. The unshakeable self-confidence you’ll develop will see you accomplish a result you could have never imagined. I’ll make sure you are driven by the integrity, challenged by the discipline, and inspired by commitment it requires to completely transform your life.

Ally Burdge

Ally Burdge

Role: Online Physique Coach Class category: Mens Physique

I have a passion for helping people achieve things they didn’t think was possible and have worked in the industry for for over 5 years helping hundreds of men and women who wanted to take themselves to the next level. I have systems in place that help anyone aiming for a show, photoshoot or who just want to change their lives. Be normal or be ELITE? The choice is yours.

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