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Posted 2 years ago

Are you training hard enough?

Yes, I get it. Gyms aren’t open, and you might have limited kit at home, so reading an article about training hard enough might make you want to roll your eyes and shake your head.

BUT there’s an important question you need to ask yourself: are you really training hard enough?

If it’s easier, think back to when gyms were open. Were you finishing each set knowing you had nothing left in the tank, or was there always a bit more in there? Were you too scared to push pas the 10-12 rep range? Were you leaving the gym feeling like you could have done a bit more? Was progress just a bit slow?

If you feel like you could push yourself a little more – both in the gym and in your home – here’s my top tips to make sure that you know you are training hard enough.

You shouldn’t be able to match your top set weight for reps

This might be a bit harder to assess at home if your weight-range is a bit more limited than a gym but take my word on this one: if you are training hard enough, there’s absolutely no way that you would be able to lift the same weights as you did in your top set, certainly not for the same amount of reps. If you can, that’s crystal-clear evidence that you are not pushing yourself hard enough and that it’s time to increase the weight on your top set.

You should feel every muscle fibre in the right body area blow up

Too often, we see people using weights that are too heavy for them, swinging them about the room and not really having the physique development to prove that they are accurately training that body part. When you’ve smashed a set to your absolute maximum capacity, every muscle fibre in that body part will be firing up and you will know. So, if you finish a set and go “I have no idea where I just felt that”, you’re certainly not training hard enough OR accurately enough.

You should be able to perform full range reps for every rep of your set

In order to ensure you are training hard enough, you really need to make sure you aren’t slacking off your reps. You need to make sure you’re taking each muscle through its full range of motion, and that you are moving in the same way for every rep of your set. Being able to half-squat 100kg is not the same as properly squatting 100kg. When you take it all the way, then you’ll know you are really pushing yourself.

Training hard enough is a term that we throw around a lot, but this article should hopefully allow you to get a better understanding of how to know you are training hard enough.

We have a lot of articles on our website on how to train different muscle groups, and how to progress your training, but the essence here is to be able to get your training videos assessed on a weekly basis. This is something that we do as part of our coaching service, so if you feel that you’re ready to take it to the next level and really give it the beanz, get in touch below.

Clara Swedlund MSc MBPsS