The teams current thoughts on all things physique development. There are so many conflicting issues in the industry today but the team put across their thoughts in laymans terms for you to understand.

DHT and Nandrolone

Posted 1 year ago

Introduction to AAS- DHT Derivatives + Nandrolone

Before reading this article I strongly suggest you read the article Introduction to AAS-Testosterone. Once you have done so, you will have a better grasp […]


Front lat spread

Posted 1 year ago

Flat vs Full

If you are new to the bodybuilding game, you may have heard people talking about looking “flat” or “full” and you’ll probably not have a […]


blood glucose levels

Posted 1 year ago

Tracking blood glucose levels

You may have seen bodybuilders on Instagram posting up stories from their glucometer, showing their fasted or post prandial (90 minutes after eating a meal) […]

Fat Loss, Muscle Growth

fitness motivation

Posted 1 year ago

Motivation isn’t black or white

How many times have you been told that “either you’re motivated or you’re not”, or “either you want it bad enough or you don’t”? Although […]

Mindset and Psychology

testosterone steroids

Posted 1 year ago

Introduction to AAS- Testosterone

It’s no secret that anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are a big part of the bodybuilding community and that their usage is increasing globally each year. […]


fitness couple bodybulding

Posted 1 year ago

Prep and Partners

Whilst it’s obvious that prep is very much about you and your own physique progress, I wish someone had told me in 2017 that dieting […]


hack squat

Posted 1 year ago

Changing up your training

On the occasional consultation call, I can often be asked about the frequency with which I change my clients’ programmes, to which my response is […]

Muscle Growth, Training

calm complete strength

Posted 1 year ago


It’s no secret that stress is something very real in today’s society. Not only that, but it is usually held at chronically high levels. Whether […]

Nutrition/Supplements, Recovery Fundamentals

mens physique

Posted 1 year ago

First timers and placings

If you’ve just started prepping for your first show, after a few weeks, the thought of placing can come into your head. However, this thought […]


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