Posted 2 years ago

Be driven by focus, routine, and consistency, not just the end goal and abs

Believe me, your WHY has to go a lot deeper than how you look; but can you convince me that it is?

Your discipline has to apply to more areas than just getting lean, because on its own, that’s not going to get you there; but do you have more than that?

YES, being in shape is cool.

But I can tell you from experience that the consistency and routine that bodybuilding has taught me has given me far more than a physique I am proud of.

Bodybuilding has taught me and brought me:

  • My routine
  • My passion
  • My career
  • My wanting to be better, not just in bodybuilding
  • My work rate in all aspects of life
  • My clients

But it’s not just bodybuilding that has taught me these things.

It’s the embedded understanding that – in the same way that if you half-arse your training, you will get half-arsed results – if you half-arse your focus, consistency and routine, you’ll get a half-arsed life.

THAT’S the lesson it has taught me.

In a nutshell, if you don’t focus on all the positives and benefits, you’ll be missing an opportunity to put all your energy towards your bigger goal and not just that one destination.

Why? The secret is all in the process.

Find passion in the process and journey that leads you to your goals; and as a result, the positives that come from working towards it will be endless! Focussing on the outcome and chasing that end goal without paying attention to the process isn’t going to be efficient; it will also make the journey far less enjoyable.

If you find it hard to achieve the results you want, ask yourself these questions:

Was the why big enough?

Could you be distracted too easily?

Did you put your full effort into it?

Did you work with a plan or an idea?

If you answer all these things in a positive way, you’ll be putting yourself in the perfect position to succeed. Don’t moan about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t put in.


Ally Burdge