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Having many years of experience of stepping on stage the team have encountered the challenges you might face and teach you how to overcome them

Posted 2 months ago

The trap of competing each year

Let’s face it: once you’re in the bodybuilding game, it can become all too easy to fall into the trap of wanting to compete every […]


Posted 3 months ago

I want to compete – when should I hire a coach?

So, you’re thinking of competing for the first time and you’re Instagram shopping for a prep coach, wondering when you should approach them to start […]


Posted 4 months ago

One year on – post-prep lessons

So, it’s been just over a year since this day… I still get goosebumps when I remember hearing my name announced for a 3rd place […]


Posted 6 months ago

Why fat loss stalls on prep

Have you got to a point where fat loss has stalled? You’ve tried everything but you just can’t seem to get leaner, right? In truth, […]

Competing, Fat Loss

Posted 6 months ago

But what does it take?

Do you look at photos of competitors on Instagram and think “but how do you do it?”? Do you wonder what it takes to get […]


Posted 7 months ago

“I’ll never look like a proper bikini girl”

… Is this what you’re telling yourself? Are you a beginner bikini competitor, right at the start of your journey? Then let me tell you […]


Posted 11 months ago

So, you want to step on stage…?

When that first little lightbulb in your head goes off and you think I can get lean I can get on that stage, what is […]


Posted 12 months ago

First Time Competitors Advice

As coaches our whole brand have competed and that stands us in a good place to help first time competitors. There are countless things you […]


Posted 1 year ago

Community – Why does it matter?

Bodybuilding has a reputation for being quite an isolating sport – you train on your own, meal prep for yourself, get your steps in whilst […]