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Fat loss can be complicated and at times, frustrating. The team shares their though thoughts on the fundamentals of fat loss and valuable tips you can implement as of today.

prep coach

Posted 3 months ago

High day(s) on prep

A high day(s) is a simply a strategic increase in calories that is used during prolonged dieting phases, to aid with fat loss. It used […]

Competing, Fat Loss

Posted 9 months ago

Recomp or Reset?

In the bodybuilding world, it’s well established that we need to progressively increase the food on our plate to continue to grow. However, there will […]

Fat Loss, Muscle Growth

bodybuilding coach

Posted 10 months ago

The importance of giving yourself time

Although many things have changed over the years with bodybuilding, there are two things that have remained consistent: the rate at which you add muscle […]

Competing, Fat Loss

prep coach

Posted 12 months ago

What to do when fat loss stalls?

If you have dieted in the past, you will have no doubt hit a point where fat loss either slows down or completely stalls. This […]

Fat Loss

How do T3/T4 work_VW Physique

Posted 1 year ago

What is T3/T4 and how do they work?

Many of you within the bodybuilding realm will know that assisted bodybuilders use the hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) when dieting for a contest […]

Fat Loss, PEDs/Ancillaries

bodybuilding posing

Posted 1 year ago

Back-to-back shows and getting tighter

As I write this (Aug 2021), I am currently in the process of doing 4 shows in a twenty-day period! It’s the first time in […]

Competing, Fat Loss

blood glucose levels

Posted 1 year ago

Tracking blood glucose levels

You may have seen bodybuilders on Instagram posting up stories from their glucometer, showing their fasted or post prandial (90 minutes after eating a meal) […]

Fat Loss, Muscle Growth

fasted cardio

Posted 1 year ago

Do you need to do fasted cardio?

One of the most commonly asked questions surrounding cardio is whether doing it fasted, first thing in the morning, burns more fat than if you […]

Fat Loss, Training


Posted 1 year ago


Now that the competing season has begun in the UK, you may have seen athletes posting photos on their Instagram stories with their physique/skin covered […]

Fat Loss, Nutrition/Supplements

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