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Muscle growth can be a complicated process. The team make is easy for you, and give you advice which you can implement immediately.

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Posted 8 months ago

Get the muscle strong, not the movement

If you read that sentence and think to yourself “wait a minute, I thought I was supposed to be getting stronger!”, then you’re absolutely right! […]

Muscle Growth

Posted 11 months ago

Recomp or Reset?

In the bodybuilding world, it’s well established that we need to progressively increase the food on our plate to continue to grow. However, there will […]

Fat Loss, Muscle Growth

Online coach

Posted 11 months ago

How to approach progressions

For the most part, it’s commonly accepted in the bodybuilding world that you need to get stronger over time to gain new muscle mass. Although […]

Muscle Growth, Training


Posted 1 year ago

Why you should keep your coach in your off season/gaining phase

For the most part, if you are new to the bodybuilding scene and have never actually gone through a gaining phase or ‘bulk’, as it’s […]

Competing, Muscle Growth

leg training bodybuilding

Posted 1 year ago

5 Reasons your legs aren’t growing

In the bodybuilding scene, everyone wants big legs. It’s often the trademark sign of a very good bodybuilder and someone who has been at it […]

Muscle Growth

side chest bodybuilding

Posted 1 year ago

Post show/shoot: Blast or TRT?

If you are a male assisted bodybuilder, there’s no doubt you will have heard of the post show magical phase in which you can add […]

Muscle Growth, PEDs/Ancillaries

blood glucose levels

Posted 1 year ago

Tracking blood glucose levels

You may have seen bodybuilders on Instagram posting up stories from their glucometer, showing their fasted or post prandial (90 minutes after eating a meal) […]

Fat Loss, Muscle Growth

hack squat

Posted 1 year ago

Changing up your training

On the occasional consultation call, I can often be asked about the frequency with which I change my clients’ programmes, to which my response is […]

Muscle Growth, Training

bulking bikini girl

Posted 2 years ago

Transitioning from a dieting phase to a bulking phase

If you have ever dieted down to the extremes – or even just dieted for a prolonged period of time – you will know that […]

Muscle Growth

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