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Performance enhancing drugs/ancillaries are widely used within the bodybuilding realm. Here the team provide content for informational purpose only about those drugs and there physiology.

diuretics and bodybuilding

Posted 3 months ago

Pharmaceutical diuretics

If you have been involved in bodybuilding for some years then you’ll be familiar with the concept of getting “dry”. This is part of the […]


uk bodybuilding coach

Posted 8 months ago

Modulating oestrogen levels

Over the past three years or so, there has been a big shift in the industry in how assisted bodybuilders control oestrogen levels. In the […]


what are sarms

Posted 9 months ago

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs)

SARMs have been around in the bodybuilding scene for quite some time now. Although there is an abundance of information on these, like with any […]


metformin bodybuilding

Posted 11 months ago

Metformin and bodybuilding

If you know anyone with type 2 diabetes, then you will know that metformin is the most prescribed drug to help manage this disease and […]


Telmisartan bodybuilding

Posted 11 months ago

Telmisartan and bodybuilding

Although it has only come into the bodybuilding scene in recent years, if you are an assisted bodybuilder, you’ll have undoubtedly heard of and/or started […]


growth hormone bodybuilding

Posted 12 months ago

Growth Hormone and bodybuilding

As you begin to climb the ranks in the bodybuilding game, you are sure to come across the use of growth hormone (GH) alongside anabolics. […]


Insulin bodybuiling

Posted 1 year ago

Insulin and bodybuilding

If you have been involved in bodybuilding for a while, you’ll have no doubt heard of assisted bodybuilders using insulin across the day, perhaps in […]


oral steroids

Posted 1 year ago

Introduction to AAS: Orals

If you’ve thought about going down the assisted route in bodybuilding, you’ve probably told yourself “I don’t want to inject, but I’m happy to take […]


How do T3/T4 work_VW Physique

Posted 1 year ago

What is T3/T4 and how do they work?

Many of you within the bodybuilding realm will know that assisted bodybuilders use the hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) when dieting for a contest […]

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