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When building a physique it's just as important to optimise your recovery as it is to train in the gym. The team share their thoughts on how to not let that effort go to waste

prep coach

Posted 1 week ago

Maximum recoverable volume and Minimum effective volume

Maximum recoverable volume (MRV) and Minimum effective volume (MEV) were relatively new terms for me a couple years ago: although they were concepts I had […]

Recovery Fundamentals

calm complete strength

Posted 4 months ago


It’s no secret that stress is something very real in today’s society. Not only that, but it is usually held at chronically high levels. Whether […]

Nutrition/Supplements, Recovery Fundamentals

Healing peptide BPC-157 TB 500

Posted 5 months ago

Healing peptides

In recent years, it has become fairly common for athletes involved in bodybuilding to use the healing peptides BPC-157 and TB-500 to improve their recovery […]

Recovery Fundamentals

creatine complete strength

Posted 9 months ago

How does creatine work?

The fact that creatine can increase training performance, aid recovery and help us in our endeavour to continually add muscle mass is widely accepted and […]

Muscle Growth, Nutrition/Supplements, Recovery Fundamentals

female online coach

Posted 10 months ago

Stress management techniques and how to apply them

Although it’s far from optimal, many of us have come to live accepting an inordinately high level of constant stress. You’ve heard us talk about […]

Recovery Fundamentals

online prep coach

Posted 11 months ago

More isn’t always better

Do you have a burning desire to have big glutes, jacked quads or massive shoulders? You may have thought that to do so, then it […]

Muscle Growth, Recovery Fundamentals

scotland personal trainer

Posted 12 months ago

Are you using deloads to keep your progression going?

What is a deload? A deload is simply a break from training or training with reduced volume over a short period of time, such as […]

Recovery Fundamentals

online bodybuilding coach

Posted 12 months ago

How much rest should you take in between loading sets?

This is a really common question, one that I get asked daily by clients. This is because when myself and the team write programs for […]

Recovery Fundamentals

blue light blockers

Posted 12 months ago

Blue light blocking glasses

Have you ever seen myself or anyone else wear ‘ridiculous’ looking glasses in the evening? Have you always wondered why on earth we would do […]

Recovery Fundamentals