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When it comes to training the team have done it all. Here we discuss some of the best strategies we've found when it comes to training that will help you achieve the physique you never thought possible.


Posted 2 months ago

Training post show/shoot

In the later stages of extreme dieting, it’s no secret one can lose their love for training. This is mainly because you’re experiencing constant low […]

Competing, Training

hack squat

Posted 4 months ago

Changing up your training

On the occasional consultation call, I can often be asked about the frequency with which I change my clients’ programmes, to which my response is […]

Muscle Growth, Training

fasted cardio

Posted 6 months ago

Do you need to do fasted cardio?

One of the most commonly asked questions surrounding cardio is whether doing it fasted, first thing in the morning, burns more fat than if you […]

Fat Loss, Training

lat spread bodybuilding

Posted 7 months ago

Designing your pull day

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want to have a thick and wide back? Nobody, right? This is why old school bodybuilders – or the “bros” […]


leg extension personal trainer

Posted 7 months ago

Are you training logically or emotionally?

Training is so much more than just picking a weight up and putting it down: the movement has to be calculated and thought out. Unfortunately, […]

Mindset and Psychology, Training

occlusion training bicep curl

Posted 7 months ago

Occlusion/BFR training

It has always been believed that the only way to elicit muscle growth is by training with high mechanical load in the gym. This involves […]


chest day

Posted 7 months ago

Designing your push day

I’ll admit it: back in the day, I would train chest on a Monday, back on a Tuesday, and so on and so forth. Although […]


online prep coach

Posted 8 months ago

Do you need to train to failure?

One thing you will see from all VW Physique coaches and athletes is the fact that we train to muscular/mechanical failure. Training to failure refers […]


hack squat

Posted 8 months ago

Training partners

From the very beginning of bodybuilding, training partners have been a thing – we’ve all heard of the accountability buddy, and when it comes to […]