Posted 2 years ago

Do the small things

It’s actually the important stuff, the stuff people miss, ignore and avoid but it’s the stuff that helps us achieve results. Training and nutrition are the easy things we all know how to do them.

Improve these.


Focus on sleep and sleep quality we know how important sleep is across the board. It’s not how much you sleep because if you sleep for 7 hours but wake up feeling like shit then that isn’t helpful, and the amount of times people struggle to get to sleep is crazy, but they don’t work on it. I know it can be hard to switch off but if you put plans into place it becomes easier.

  • Don’t eat for 2-3 hours before bed as digestion can affect sleep
  • Pre-bed habits don’t be on your phone 3 seconds before you go to sleep, don’t be doing things that are stimulating you RELAX
  • Get blue light blockers
  • Don’t do work after 7pm work at set times


People easily diet down to get lean but ask a lot of people to do blood work, optimise sleep, even eat more veg and it can be a huge task. These things are needing to make for a prolonged healthy time improving your physique.

  • As said above prioritise sleep
  • For anyone on anabolics get blood work done and make sure your health markers are in check
  • FOR EVERYONE eat a variety of veg and fruit, nutrient dense foods are super important for a lot of things, but they get missed out a lot.
  • Hydration something so simple that because it isn’t glamorous gets missed a lot. Make sure you take in enough water through the day and during training

Recovery and downtime

Taking a step away from bodybuilding can be the most productive thing you can do every day make time to relax and chill out with your partner etc which will only motivate you more the next day to tick your boxes. It can’t always be 100% it’s got to be more strategic and this will help everything else stated.

  • Recovery is something people hate but I’d argue you aren’t training hard enough
  • Make time to relax outside of bodybuilding being 100% all the time isn’t effective know when to push and when to relax


In today’s society stress is a huge player and believe me from working with so many people it is something we look to manage from the get-go. If you can’t control it then it can affect sleep, digestion, fat loss and your motivation.

  • Keep a journal, write things down and look at them from a logical perspective as soon as you have, I bet you feel better
  • Speak to someone about it but someone who’s opinion you value and will listen to

Keep note of things that will help you manage stress and use them when needed

Ally Burdge