Posted 3 years ago

First Time Competitors Advice

As coaches our whole brand have competed and that stands us in a good place to help first time competitors.

There are countless things you will worry about nutrition, being ready on time and if you have it in you but believe me, I have been there and it’s hard but if you follow the plan that is laid out you will get to where you need to.

Below I am going to lay out some great tips to ensure you smash your first prep.

Hire a coach.

If you don’t know how to get lean, then someone who’s walked the walk will always be beneficial BUT do your research just because the old guy who is in amazing shape but has no idea how he got there says he is a coach doesn’t mean he is.


Follow a meal plan, you don’t want the stress of thinking plus it is far easier to adapt as you go, pick foods you enjoy and digest well.


You are getting leaner not weaker focus on your logbook in every session aim to progress or hold as many of your lifts as possible.

Focus on yourself.

Everyone and their gran will have an opinion on how you look but that means nothing listen to your coach and don’t let people get in your head. Also, I am aware there is loads of amazing looking people on Instagram but don’t focus on them they aren’t you.


This is a huge part of competing don’t leave it till the last minute.

Post show.

Post show isn’t an excuse to become man vs food it is the time where you need the most care, have a plan in place and focus on keeping your health and body composition in check.

If you are a first-time competitor and need some help drop us an email.

Ally Burdge