Beginner Bikini Blueprint

Join me over the next 6 days, where I’ll be sharing with you my advice and top tips on:

-What the judges look for
-Basic posing techniques
-How to nail the front pose
-How to slay your side poses
-Hitting the rear pose correctly
-Putting all your poses together for stage

Add your name and email address below and let me give you a blueprint of how to confidently showcase your hard-worked physique at your first few bodybuilding competitions

Clara is a coach under the VW Physique brand. With three years of experience as a bikini competitor and 1.5 years experience teaching beginner bikini athletes how to pose, she has helped many first timers and advanced bikini competitors learn how to properly showcase their physique on stage and improve their stage presentation across federations.

The VW Physique team strive to create an environment that inspires everyone to attain their goals and are driven by a genuine and wholehearted determination to help their clients achieve theirs.

Clara has been there, done it, and is still doing it. She is continuously working towards improving her physique and her posing, and is passionate about helping you do this too.