After years of trial and error we have developed a system for training that promises you to completely transform your body if the right intensity is applied. The first program (free to download) is a Lower/Upper/Glutes and Delts: perfect for a bikini/photoshoot girl. With a lot of volume biased toward the glutes and deltoids, this would ideally be run two days on, one day off.

The next program (free to download) is a Push/Pull/Legs split designed for males looking to add tissue and completely transform their physique. You will see the addition of arms after legs, this is simply to increase frequency and can be used to bring up any lagging body part. We strongly suggest this is run with a rest day on either side of leg day.

Our programming is specific to clients but this should give you the structure you need to try our methodologies before joining the team. Adaptations are made based around lagging body parts and changes are made in time depending on how the physique responds.

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Training intensity

As part of the team you will be expected to train and your highest possible intensity and leave nothing in the tank during sessions. Only in doing so can we help you reach your full potential.

Training intensity

Every set, every rep is an opportunity to be better than last week. Know your numbers going into the gym and...don't miss.

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