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Posted 2 years ago

Getting lean glutes in females

Are you a female who’s always struggled to get lean glutes? Do you find yourself feeling that it is impossible?

It is a well-known fact that it is harder for females to get lean legs than it is for males. This is due to a variety of reasons including: metabolic rate, muscle mass, and hormones. It is not impossible though; it will simply require a few strategies that you may have not thought of yet.

Training Frequency

One of the major advantages that some women don’t realise they have, is that they actually have a superior ability than men to train their legs HARD and recover from it. That being said, this is definitely something you want to take advantage of when trying to get your glutes lean.

You will have the capacity to train your legs – and as such, your glutes too! – roughly 3 times a week and recover absolutely fine from these sessions, without risking injury or being overly sore. By increasing your training frequency and volume to this level, you will continue stimulate blood flow to the “stubborn” area in question, which is one of the key mechanisms needed for fat to be mobilised.

As a simple guide, you could prioritize 6-8 sets specifically for your glutes in each leg session; without factoring in sets for other areas of your legs, this already gives you 18-24 sets across the week just on your glutes. The specific number of sets of course is person dependent, but this might give you an idea of where to begin.

Don’t be afraid to go low

Many females have a preconceived idea of how many calories they should be on when dieting. This is partly due to Instagram and other misinformation on the internet, when the reality is that if you want lean glutes, calories will have to get fairly low.

Enduring high levels of hunger goes hand in hand with low calories. You might be surprised to hear that it isn’t uncommon for some bikini girls to be on less than 1000kcals a day whilst doing 5 weight sessions, hours of cardio and steps on top of that.

Is it healthy? Absolutely not. But no one ever said that dieting to extremes was. A strategy I implement to make this a little easier is to put more food in the tank on training days and run lower calories on non-training days. From experience, this provides a huge psychological boost and increases adherence.

Work harder for longer

It doesn’t matter how heavy you think you can lift – you’re going to have to lift heavier.

It doesn’t matter how much cardio you think you’ve got to do – you’re going to have to do more.

It doesn’t matter how many steps you think will be needed – you guessed it! – you’re going to have to do more.

The reality is that if the rest of your physique is lean and the glutes are still holding some stubborn body fat, you must simply continue to diet hard. It won’t happen in 8 weeks; in fact, it might take 18, 20 or even 26 weeks to get your glutes sitting high, tight and fat free.

My suggestion would be to buy into the process, take it one day at a time and realise that in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

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Vaughan Wilson Bsc Hons