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Posted 2 years ago

Getting stage lean takes time

Have you previously struggled to set up or complete a dieting phase? Here are some tips to help you in the future.

One of the most important things to understand before you begin is getting in the best shape of your life or dropping body fat is not a fast process. You will need to conquer each phase to ensure you get lean, maintain muscle, and maintain your training performance.

  1. Beginning the process

Your calories will be the highest here and if you have nailed everything else and your body composition is in a good place, your output (cardio and steps) will be relatively low, giving us a perfect position to get fat loss without changing stuff up too much.

Start with:
– A drop in calories; pull calories mainly from non-training days and keep your lower body sessions the highest.
– Increase your output: add in more cardio or more steps throughout the day.
– Combine: add in a small amount of cardio and decrease food slightly.

Although visual changes may appear slower here, it is important to trust the process; there are changes happening. Don’t, I repeat, don’t go all in at this point. Yes, getting huge drops in weight in the first three weeks might be satisfying but it is not going to help you come week twenty. We want to have a slow and steady drop over the whole of your prep

  1. Think about every phase as a stepping stone

We are trying to build a base on every stone. Once we have done that, we move onto the next one; but only once it is finished. Do not rush your phases, keep consistent and stick to the plan, it will work.

For each phase:
– We want to smash out as much fat loss as possible at each point. So we need to make a change, then give it time to work. Watch your body flourish and when it slows, it is time to change again.
– When fat loss stalls, make sensible choices; add in more steps or cardio or a mixture of both if you have the time!
– If you don’t have the time; reduce your calories.
– Give each phase time; track it with visuals, progressions in training etc.
Do not just focus on scale weight.

  1. Nearing the goal

At this point you really need to be consistent and patient. If you aren’t ready, you just haven’t given yourself enough time and going mad for two weeks isn’t going to save that.

As you approach the show, shoot or other goal:
– It is about making small, calculated decisions that will ensure you will be lean enough.
– Calories will be low, and output will be high so every change will work and you will get leaner day by day.
– The final week is about reducing stress so you will take the foot off the gas and cruise in to the finish line – no going on the stairmaster for three hours the day before your shoot or show.

If you have any questions about setting up a dieting phase, just drop me an email or DM me on Instagram.

Ally Burdge