Posted 2 years ago

Getting the balance right

Training. Rest. Recovery. Work. Relationships. Social life. Food prep. Steps. Cardio. Clients. Meditate. Journal. Read. Learn. Research.

The daily/weekly to-do list can often seem endless and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed!

You may feel like you don’t know what to prioritise and end up just being a busy idiot; or you might just get complete paralysis by analysis, and not end up doing much because you kept thinking about HOW MUCH there was to do.

I get it. I am that person too. By default, I’m both the busy idiot and the paralysed stress-head.

It’s taken me years of practice and I’m still at it – because no, nobody is perfect! – but here are some tricks I use to help me tick all those boxes on a daily and weekly basis!

✔️ Have a POWER LIST – this is a list within the “to-do” list of tasks that absolutely NEED to get done or seen to that day. I write this in chronological order too – in that way, I don’t waste time figuring out where to start. Pro tip: do the hardest task first!

✔️ Structure your day in a way that makes sense to YOU and be flexible in your approach. As such, rather than looking at your diary on a day-by-day way, look at it with a weekly approach. This allows you to be okay with not accomplishing everything you had intended in one day, reducing any associated stress. This is a good chance to practice being non-judgemental towards yourself too. Remember: you’re not a robot!

✔️ As well as a “to do” list, keep a “done” list – a simple way to give yourself a pat on the back and realise you ARE working hard on yourself, your goals, your job…!

✔️ PRACTICE GRATITUDE. This may seem random, but when you are feeling pressure and/or overwhelmed, instead of saying “I have so much to do!!!!” and panicking, swap it for “I am so grateful that I get to do all these things”. Feel the difference!

Lastly, realise that it’s okay to need a bit more help finding balance, managing priorities and accomplishing goals. Accountability is a critical factor to success, especially when it comes to health, fitness, and wellbeing. In the same way that having a deadline for work will encourage you to work harder, checking in weekly with a coach might be just what you need to get you back on track. Equally, if you already have a coach and something isn’t working for you, realise that sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes to offer a different perspective to keep you moving forwards.

If this is you, get in touch today via email to arrange a free coaching consultation call, where we can discuss how I can help you hit your goals.

Clara Swedlund MSc MBPsS