Yohimbine HCL

Posted 2 years ago

How Yohombine HCL helps with fat loss

Are you supplementing yohombine whilst dieting? If so, do you know how it works? Or are you just taking it because you’ve been told too? Not to worry, I will break down how it works in layman’s terms and why it can aid in fat loss.

What does it do?

Firstly, yohombine will have a direct impact on our nervous system, specifically the part that gets us ready for ‘fight or flight’. If your still unsure of what this means, think about those moments when your heart is racing, the blood is pumping, and your hands are shaking.

Now in this state the body will produce high levels of the hormone, adrenaline. This can bind to two different receptors in fat cells: the beta receptor (the good guy) and the alpha receptor (the bad guy).

Still with me so far?

When adrenaline binds to the ‘good guy’, fat burning is initiated, however when it binds to the ‘bad guy’, no fat burning occurs. Ultimately, we want to get as much fat burning as possible so the alpha receptor can perhaps be seen as the enemy of fat loss in this instance.

How does it help

Enter yohombine. As we supplement this, it will bind to the ‘bad guy’ receptor and thus allow adrenaline to bind to the ‘good guy’ receptor and allow fat burning to occur more readily.

Interestingly, we have more of the ‘bad guy’ receptors in our stubborn fat sites meaning that yohombine can help bring in those areas that you struggle to get lean towards the end of a dieting phase. An example could be the glutes/hamstrings in females or the lower back area in males.

It is important to note that yohombine is most effective when taken out-with food times as insulin kills its effectiveness. I would recommend you take this fasted or 2-3 hours after you have eaten otherwise you won’t reap the rewards.

How much of it should you take? This of course will be person dependent but a rough dosage I might start with would be 0.2mg/kg of bodyweight. With its effects on the nervous system I wouldn’t recommend this supplement to those who are easily stressed or experience anxiety.

You don’t need yohombine to lose body fat, but it is a very good tool to use, particularly when trying to tighten up those stubborn areas. I will often use this with competitors as this is a product that is allowed in natural federations.

Be under no illusion, this is no magic secret, your main focus will need to be on your training and your nutrition, but if they are on point, it will help.

If you’d like to know more or have your questions answered in detail drop me a message and I’d be more than happy to help.

Vaughan Wilson Bsc Hons