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Posted 2 years ago

“I’ll never look like a proper bikini girl”

Is this what you’re telling yourself?

Are you a beginner bikini competitor, right at the start of your journey?

Then let me tell you this.

You probably won’t feel like a “proper bikini girl” till it’s show day, and you’re eating rice cakes with peanut butter and jam backstage, wearing a sparkling bikini, comparing belly buttons with a group of amazing women you’ve just met when you were naked being spray tanned for the gods.

And even then, you’ll step off stage, you’ll have a shower, you’ll get your stage pics and think “Holy shit, I cannot believe I did that and that that’s my body”.

Because here’s the thing – if you have never competed before, then you have absolutely NO CLUE about what it feels like to be a “proper bikini girl”, or even how your body will look when you’re stage ready.

So, here are my tips for any beginner bikini competitor:

  1. Do not compare your offseason physique to someone’s stage pictures

This is especially important for anyone who has never done a full prep or prolonged dieting phase. The reality is that you’ve never pushed your body to that extreme and as such, comparing your physique to that of someone who has been training for longer than you and competed before makes absolutely no sense! Focus on your journey, and on becoming an elite version of yourself. OH and P.s – don’t worry about cellulite and loose skin, we all have it!

  1. Just because someone is stronger than you, it doesn’t mean they’ll look better on stage

Instagram is a great place for inspiration, but also harbours a lot of possible negative comparison. Yes, bikini girls need to train hard and be super strong! But remember that shows are won based on the physique you present on that day not on how much you can lift.

  1. Just because someone is being “more hardcore” than you, it doesn’t mean they’ll look better on stage

This is similar to the above point – don’t compare your prep to that of another person! Different bodies need different stimulus, and different coaches work in different ways. If someone you follow is doing fasted cardio and following a keto diet, it doesn’t mean you need to do that too in order to look better.

  1. Show winning physiques are built in the offseason

Perhaps not what you wanted to hear, but if you are a beginner it is likely that you will not have enough muscle mass yet. Therefore, in order to build up that tissue, you need to have a productive offseason (or two, or three)! Be ready to get comfortable being uncomfortable – i.e. push your body weight up – so that next time you diet down you look even better. Remember, it’s about improving yourself over time!

  1. If you haven’t already, hire a good coach and LISTEN to them!

It may seem obvious, but it’s so easy to get wrapped up in what other people are doing. As I said, every coach uses a different method and approach, but there’s a reason you’ve hired yours. Don’t confuse yourself by wondering why you’re not being made to do fasted cardio (probably because it sucks) and follow your coach’s advice! If you don’t, you’ll be making both of your lives more difficult.

In a nutshell, what I’m trying to say here is that you should always focus on your own journey, your own personal progress, and trust that your coach has your best interest at heart.

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Clara Swedlund MSc MBPsS