Posted 3 years ago

Is chasing heavy load and log book progression slowing your muscle growth?

Now we all know progressive overload is one of the biggest driving forces in muscle growth along with nutrition/calories but that being said getting greedy with progression won’t help you.

Something I see a lot and have experienced myself is increasing the load I am lifting way too fast and losing execution throughout the movement you need to remember your form needs to progress along with the load.

This is where video feedback, internal feel and good note taking comes in handy.

Video feedback:
– Use video feedback to assess and go over where the movement is breaking down and then improve it.

Internal feel:
– You could call this the hippy approach but knowing how a good rep feels is valuable, if you feel the contraction is lost then most likely your execution has slipped. Drop the load and go again.

Logbook notes:
– Good rep/set, bad rep/set or whatever works for you make sure you are keeping track of all these things you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Something I always preach to clients is execution and load should go hand in hand, progress both together and get very strong at movements but don’t force it because that’s when your results will stall believe me you CAN’T be stronger than you are at this moment in time no matter how much you wish.

If you are stalling with muscle growth or strength progression get in touch and find out how we can help.

Ally Burdge