Welcome to 8 Week Elite Physique

Imagine how it would feel to completely transform your body beyond what you thought was capable in only 8 weeks. Well we are here to tell you that it is completely possible.

The majority of people we work with struggle to know what and how much to eat to get lean. They are also unsure of how to set up their training whilst dieting to retain muscle mass. Combined, these factors can often lead to frustration, poor dietary adherence and in most cases, very little results.

When you join 8 Week Elite Physique the team will provide you with the structure your training and nutrition needs that will ensure you get leaner on a week to week basis, eradicating any frustration you once had and taking your physique to a place it’s never been before.

If you go all in, results like this are TYPICAL

About VW Physique

VW Physique is one of the UK’s leading online physique companies that have transformed thousands of peoples physiques over the last 7 years.

Alongside being one of the industry leaders for body transformations we have helped hundreds of people prepare for bodybuilding shows and who have achieved pro status.

Now, for the first time ever, we are condensing our secret strategies we use with ourselves and our clients to transform your body in JUST 8 WEEKS!

This is what is achievable with full commitment to the plan

How good would it feel to achieve a physique you never thought possible in just 8 weeks? That’s exactly what is possible with this this program if you commit yourself.

The aim of the program is to get you as lean as possible in 8 weeks, whilst maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

The next program will begin in Spring 2021.

When you follow the program you will receive:

  • Weekly check ins
  • Weight Program
  • Cardio Protocol
  • Tailored made diet
  • Access to private Facebook group

Here is what you could win:

  • Free photoshoot and £250 for the best transformation
  • 4 weeks free online coaching and £100 (2nd best)
  • 4 weeks free online coaching (3rd best)

Once you have paid please download the info pack, consult sheet and disclaimer, these will also be emailed to you. Fill the necessary in and return to contact@vwphysique.com