We regularly have team meet ups that will involve two hours of training and two hours of posing, where applicable for athletes. Coaches are on hand during training to tweak execution, perfect form and to ensure intensity is there throughout the session. These are invaluable for clients as what we can do on the gym floor is so much more than we can do over whats app and tutorials.

After training Clara takes the girls through the bikini/fitness model poses or if we need figure posing we simply bring in a posing coach for the day. For the guys, Vaughan covers mens physique, classic physique/bodybuilding with help from Ally. We have found these to be superb for adding the final touches for presentation clients shows/shoots.

These are an excellent opportunity for the VW Physique community to come together and build relationships. Do you want to be a part of the community? If so contact us today.

Female Meet Up

Although we are an online coaching company we still have regular meets up where all our athletes will train together. On this occasion we all trained out of Extreme Gym 2 Glasgow for a couple of hours and then brought in a posing coach to do a 2 hour workshop.

Male Meet Up

A team meet up at Extreme Gym 2 where we trained upper/lower and did some posing practise.