Q: Do you do meals plans?
A: Yes. We can provide example meals plans that are based around foods you like, intolerances and that also digest well. These are individualised to each person’s needs and are adjusted as and when needed.

Q: Do you provide macro based plans for those who are well experienced with nutrition?
A: Yes. We have plenty of clients who are well versed with nutrition and just simply want numbers. We can provide macros for each meal as well as daily total for you to run your own diet. We will then assess this weekly on your check in day.

Q: What kind of training methods do you program?
A: We favour a low volume, high intensity approach. We expect all our clients to train to their highest ability and push each set to failure. We will also incorporate some metabolic work towards the end of a workout.

Q: Will I need to check in and how often?
A: Yes. You will need to check in at least once a week. As you get closer to a show or shoot, the check in frequency may increase to multiple times across the week or even daily.

Q: What is involved in the check in process?
A: You will be required to send over a completed excel sheet that collates a vast amount of data from the week, alongside training videos, physique pictures and any other relevant information your coach needs (e.g., posing video for competitors).

Q: Do you analyse training videos?
A: Yes. This is a huge part of the check in process and something we are passionate about. We are very particular about execution and training intensity to help you achieve the best results possible.

Q: Do you provide advice on supplements?
A: Yes. We will analysis your nutrition and make suggestions on what supplements you could use to sort any deficiencies and/or to support general health/well-being, as well as aid performance/recovery.

Q: If I am thinking of doing a photoshoot, when should I join the team?
A: As soon as you have thought about it! The process of doing a photoshoot can be a lengthy one depending on your starting point. You may need to bulk first or go through multiple gaining/dieting phases before you have enough muscle to get the results you are looking for.

Q: If I am thinking of competing, when should I join the team?
A: As soon as have thought about it! This is a similar process to doing a photoshoot, except it’s a lot more detailed, as judges will be comparing you to a given physique criteria. This could mean you have to spend some time bringing those areas up before entering a dieting phase. Even if you’re thinking of competing next year, we recommend signing up straight away. The more time you have with your coach, the better package you can bring to stage.

Q: I want to compete but know nothing about it, is this an issue?
A: No. You’ve come to the right place. We work with many beginners and ensure that they are educated along the way about the process, different classes, federations and more. We also recommend going along to shows and listening to our podcast to get more information about it all.

Q: Do you offer posing lessons for the stage?
A: Yes, but only the bikini category. You can book in posing with Clara separately as this is not included in the monthly package for coaching. She does this in person and over zoom. All coaches know the poses for each class well, so when you’re checking in, your coach can offer advice and tweaks on positioning, as they are competitors themselves.

Q: I don’t want to compete or do a photoshoot, can I still work with you?
A: Yes. We also work with lifestyle clients and those looking to complete a body transformation. All we ask is that your serious about your goals and committed to the process.

Q: How long do you tend to work with clients?
A: Most of our clients will work with us for 1-2 years as a minimum. This is because it takes time to get results and work toward achieving a physique that they never thought was possible.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: You can sign up by arranging a consultation call with your desired coaching or enquiring through the website.