Photoshoot/Show prep involves dieting down to low levels of body fat and to do this you need to be willing to stick plan for between 12-18 weeks.

As the end goal is a specific look, programs are designed to bring up weak body parts but also adapted to allow you to recover because as times goes on, this will decrease.

With the end goal being extreme low levels of body fat the analysis and check in procedure will be much more rigorous, as the competition gets nearer, checks will be multiple times throughout the week.

Inevitable you may have to make some sacrifices to your current lifestyle, no meals off plan, no missed cardio session or steps and doing everything to your highest possible intensity level.

This process will be one of the most challenging things you have ever done in your life, but arguably more one of the most rewarding once you’ve completed it. We look forward to being beside you every step of the way and helping achieve a physique you could have never dreamed off.

What is a photoshoot/show prep?

Watch the video for a detailed explanation of whats involved and what you can expect

Photoshoot/Show Prep Transformations

Before After

Andrew Stewart

Andrew is a personal trainer who came on board to complete a photoshoot for two reasons: firstly, to promote his business, and secondly, as a […]

Photoshoot/Show Prep

Before After

Keira Banner

Keira came on board with the dream of competing for the first time in the junior bikini class. Although Keira is a PT herself and […]

Photoshoot/Show Prep

Before After

Michael Smith

Michael is a busy 1-1 personal trainer that works long hours in the gym. When he first came to me, he was frustrated that he […]

Photoshoot/Show Prep