Posted 3 years ago

So, you want to step on stage…?

When that first little lightbulb in your head goes off and you think I can get lean I can get on that stage, what is your first call to action after that?

I have had countless people ask or mention about them competing but never ever have and why do you think that is? Belief, drive or just lack of commitment?

As a brand we have all competed and we coach people to step on stage and to win so here is my advice for anyone wanting to jump the hurdle and take themselves to an ELITE version of themselves.


A goal means nothing without a plan to get you there, no stone should be unturned you should map out every step of your journey knowing how long you are dieting for, when the shows are. This makes it so much easier to adapt and hold when needed.


SOOO many people only hire coaches when they start to diet but a dieting phase isn’t where you win shows focus on your improvement season focus on pushing bodyweight up, focus on getting ruthlessly strong and the most important part focus on routine that will make the transition into dieting seamless. Hard work for 16 weeks dieting will get you looking good hard for 52 weeks will get you looking unreal remember that.


Your friends and family will be supportive, but they won’t push you to new levels because for normal people bodybuilding is an unknown, find a small circle of people who will push you, understand you and be there for you no matter what IF YOUR COACH ISN’T DOING THIS BEWARE. I have seen countless preps saved by some wise words from someone.


Bodybuilding is a lifelong process of improving YOU and nobody else, you most likely aren’t going to be Arnie or Flex Lewis but that’s cool you can be the most insane version of yourself so don’t be looking at people on Instagram doing be worrying yourself about the competition because when you do that you take your eye off the ball.

If you want to chat about becoming an elite version of yourself drop me an email.

Ally Burdge