Posted 2 years ago

Stop talking and start taking action


Because guess what: talk really is cheap, but putting a plan into action and seeing it through till the end isn’t. That takes effort, consistency, and a LOT of determination.

“But what plan? Where do I start? What is best for me? What will get me the best results, the quickest?”

Here’s the truth: there is no such thing as the “perfect plan”, but any step taken towards your goals will get you far closer to achieving them than just sitting there, stuck in contemplation.

How many people do you know who have been telling you for years that they are going to do something about their physique? Yet the only thing they seem to do is re-start their “diet” every Monday…

Either that, or they’re too intimidated and scared to start because of reasons they’ve created in their heads with no real evidence.

For example, how can you be certain that you “cannot lose weight” if you’ve never been adherent for more than 3 days to a training and nutrition plan?

Does this sound familiar? Is this you? Are you ready for change?

Remember this: you control your actions, you control your own path, and you ARE good enough for change. Thoughts CAN become things and reality, but only when those thoughts are put down on paper; only then can you start slowly working towards those goals taking actionable steps.

Here are some simple tips to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and become an elite version of yourself:

1.Set a goal.

2.Break down the chronological steps to help you achieve it.

3.PLAN, PLAN and PLAN some more.

4.Get to work. What needs to happen for you to take a step in the right direction daily?

5.Track all the data.

6.Asses, adapt, overcome and learn.


Then repeat.

Progression doesn’t stop – the bar just keeps moving.

Taking your physique to the next level, becoming very strong, building solid habits and becoming more motivated to constantly be a better you, simply begins with you taking a LEAP OF FAITH into believing you’re worth that change. Now is your time, embrace it.

Are you ready for that change?

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Ally Burdge