Adam Logan

Adam and I started working together as soon as gyms opened up in England post-lockdown. This meant that Adam had been out of training and taking care of nutrition properly for quite a few months but was ready to get back on track. He had originally signed up for the VW Physique 12 Week Elite Physique program, so our first goal with coaching was to get him lean in that time frame.

As the weeks went on, through weekly check-ins Adam achieved just that. However, his progress was also down to the weekly video assessments of his gym performance, which meant that his exercise execution improved. As a result, he got stronger and added muscle mass whilst also dropping down levels of body fat. In addition, by having the accountability of checking in every week, it meant that he was still able to go away on a “staycation” holiday but stay on track with his steps and food.

Now that we’ve completed this dieting phase, Adam is focusing on growing more muscle to set even bigger goals next year, and this is only the beginning for him. Here’s what Adam had to say about his journey:

“We started this journey post lockdown which had escalated to a point where I had started to gain weight. However, unlike before, with Clara’s help on the food front as well as guidance in training I managed to avoid old unhealthy eating habits that have previously been a huge issue. This meant that through simple steps and with hard work, we managed to completely change how I looked but more importantly how I felt. Huge thanks to Clara for her help encouragement and amazing levels of enthusiasm couldn’t have been done without her! Now looking onto bigger and more challenging goals in the future!”