Antonia Parry

It’s been quite some time Antonia and I have worked together. A lot has changed in that time but one thing remains, she always achieves what she sets out too. A few years ago it was competing on stage, this time around it was smashing a photoshoot.

When they shut the gyms this year I still remember the text she sent me, almost giving up on her goals. It didn’t take long for her to put that thought to bed and she got herself some kit to train with from home. This was simply an adjustable set of dumbbells and some bands.

With minimal equipment we formulated a plan to continue her dieting phase and prepare for a photoshoot whilst the gyms remained shut. She had a date in September she was aiming for, which at first I has hesitant to go ahead with and I actually suggested we push it back a month, but fast forward 5 months and she smashed that originally date.

This really does show what is capable when you put your mind to it. Training from her bedroom and running outside, it wasn’t ideal circumstances but she got it done. Having been training for some time we now set our sights towards her first structured gaining phase and prepare for the stage again in 2022.

Here’s what Antonia had to say about her journey:

“I used to be unhappy with how I looked and so I decided I needed to make a change. For guidance and for accountability I required a coach and so approached Vaughan. Before starting with VW Physique I had never trained or tracked a calorie. Fast forward several years and I now understand the principles of fat loss and also how to correctly fuel my body. Through training I found a new energy and confidence and, as I got comfortable moving heavy weights, my passion for body building grew.

When Covid-19 closed the gyms I felt sorry for myself and very much lost. I began to comfort eat and stopped communicating with my coach. I was unhappy, embarrassed and disappointed with how I’d regressed into old habits. However, Vaughan reached out to me and a phone call later set me back on track. We set the goal of a photoshoot; to help achieve this I was sent a tailored meal plan and an adapted training plan which utilised the minimal equipment I had available at home.

I am proud to have achieved what I had set out to do especially with the gyms being shut; it shows just what is achievable without relying on access to their equipment. This process also showed I could still be diciplined and not let factors outwith my control stop me from reaching my goal. It reaffirms my belief that if you really want something, you’ll find a way to work for it, to make time for it and to make it happen.”