Bradley Whymark

When I first met Bradley it was through our mutual love and appreciation behind the science of the sport. We clicked fairly instantly and it wasn’t long until we were working towards bringing him to stage for the first time and presenting the best package we possible could.

One thing was apparent about Brad, everything we discussed and spoke about on calls he absorbed and then went and implemented immediately. Wether that be training methodologies he could use with his clients or some business chat. With each week I not only saw his physique grow but I also watched him become a better coach, mentor and role model for his clients.

On the first consult call we had he said he wanted some trophies and an invite to the British finals, well in his first show he did just that picking up🥉in first timers bodybuilding and🥉 in classic bodybuilding. With another 2-3 shows this season the future looks bright. Thereafter, the sky is the limit.

Following on from this Bradley won the Short Class Saxon Classic Bodybuilding Class.🥇

Here is what Bradley had to say about his journey so far:

“So I met V through our mutual love and passion for body building and the science behind it. We met at a seminar in Edinburgh and discussed BB geek talk …. I knew I wanted to step on stage but I also knew I wanted a second pair of eyes to watch over my process.

I’ve always been of the mindset surround yourself with people bigger and better then you are and those who you aspire to become! Vaughan was exactly that for me!

This guy has not only taught me more about body building, the many components that surround it bud also help me transformed my own coaching business through one of the toughest times a self employed individual could face!

My life has honestly completely transformed over the lest year and half and I truly do owe it all to this man! 2 placings in my first ever competition and an invite to the finals! Which in our first ever consult call is what I said I wanted to achieve in my first year !

My business has completely transformed and continued to grow into something i planned 3-4 years time! V has accelerated every avenue of my plans and helped me achieve them all way before I thought was possible.

Life … couldn’t be better then that right now ! And to have made a true friendship along the way! Honestly has been the best year and a half of my life and I owe it all to this man.”