Caroline Moore

I began working with Caroline in the lead up to her first show in 2020. She was only a few days out but I helped her in those final few days to peak into it and she went on the win the Masters Bikini British 2Bros title! It was there after she went into full online coaching with the pursuit to come back bigger and better next year, and of course retain her title.

We placed a huge emphasis on exercise execution and also exercise intensity. This meant continually training videos and analysing of form and where we could improve. Over the months this lead to her pushing numbers in the gym, or in her garage during lockdown, that she had never done before. This, alongside the training split implemented, brought about new slabs of muscle in the areas we were looking to improve: glutes/delts.

She went onto to take🥇in the 2Bros La Familia Championships 2021 in the Masters Bikini class and I could have not been more proud of what we achieved together. It was thereafter she decided to go alone now being equipped with the knowledge she needs to do it herself and I know she has a tremendous future in the sport ahead of her.

Here is what Caroline had to say about her journey:

“I had been a fan of the Give it the Beanz podcast for a while and enjoyed listening to Vaughan and found value in the content. Vaughan and I got chatting towards the end of my first prep (where I had been prepping alone, long story) and Vaughan was kind enough to help me peak for my first show and I liked his approach so started working with him from there.

I’ve learned to push myself harder in training to lift heavier than ever before, which has been the most value as well as how to structure my training. Vaughan’s level of service is second to none, he is always willing to invest the time, make time for a chat, make adjustments as often as are needed, is always on hand for support responds very quickly – and this is something I really value in a coach.

Training split has changed and Vaughan’s programming has worked perfectly for me. I’m now training legs 3 times per week (versus twice previously) and hitting delts 3 times per week (versus once previously) which has worked wonders to help bring those areas up in line with the bikini criteria.

Vaughan was flexible regarding diet which I really valued, and happy to work with a macro plan approach (rather than set meal plan) which suited me very well. Through our experience working together we learned what macro / energy balance / meal structure works the best for me to optimise my progress.”