Cheryl Jenkins

When Cheryl came on board, gyms had just closed due to COVID and she knew she had to do something to make sure that she didn’t jump off the fitness bandwagon she’d been on for a few years already.

We started her off on a 6 week lockdown program, but after seeing how much progress she’d made and how determined she was, Cheryl and I jumped on a call and decided to set an even bigger goal for her: to complete a photoshoot.

Although Cheryl was a bit shy about the idea at the start, she gave her prep her all and the results just speak for themselves. Seeing her on her photoshoot day, standing proudly in front of a camera, showing off her hard work… was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Here’s what she had to say about her journey:

“I had been training and dieting on and off for 4yrs and lost around 3 stone of the weight I had put on during and after pregnancy. I hit a plateau despite starving myself most days and training in the gym. Lockdown hit and I knew I had to do something to shake things up as this was the perfect excuse to give up and go back to my old ways as the gyms were closed. From the very beginning, Clara laid out a plan that was clear and goal driven. I was fortunate to have a basic weight-lifting gym at home and Clara planned in workouts based on my own equipment. I’m not going to lie, I was dubious of the results she said I could achieve as suddenly I was eating more than ever but I trusted the process and was not disappointed.

Literally within days my physique was dramatically changing and the accountability of checking in weekly with feedback from Clara meant that progress was consistently reviewed. At the end of the 6 weeks we decided to set a new goal of completing a photoshoot, something I would never have considered 6 weeks earlier. By the day of my photoshoot I had lost a further 2 stone in 24weeks and my body was finally portraying the work I was putting in at the gym.

Clara is 100% invested in me and my results and is always there for any questions, moans or mini celebrations. VW Physique is more than just coaching – it’s an education, a sustainable life change and a community of like-minded people.”