Chris Bayne

Chris came on board back in 2018, with his goal being to compete in his first bodybuilding show. I had known Chris for sometime before working together, I knew how hard he trained and what his potential could be with the right structure/direction. We therefore set out in the Junior class for his first competitive season. In that season he collected 1 x🥇 and 1 x🥈, a huge achievement by anyone standards.

After that first season he was hooked, taking another 1 x🥇 and 2 x🥈the following year in his last year as a Junior. He had planned to move up to the male categories in 2020, however Covi19 stopped those plans. Instead he entered a long off season which saw him reach all time highs in bodyweight and new found levels of strength.

As we pulled down for our third season together in 2021 it was apparent that this phase have brought about new levels of muscle mass we hadn’t seen before. The physique had more balance, more shape and more symmetry. We did 6 shows in 2021 and finished our third season together having completed 10 shows altogether and grabbing 10 top🥉’s. We are now well into the 2022 off season and are set to compete in our 4th season together in 2023. I cannot wait to see what he can do and am grateful to have been part of his journey so far.

Here is what Chris had to say about his journey:

“During my time with Vaughan each year he continues to grow his knowledge drastically which in turn has lead me to get better and better not only in my physique but in my own knowledge and understanding of things. If I ever have a question regarding a topic , Vaughan will always give me an answer and if he doesn’t know the answer he will study it and let me know.

Over the years the service has increasingly got better , thus why I have stayed on for 4+ years. During my coaching with Vaughan my life has chanced dramatically . My confidence in myself has sky rocketed , my own business in coaching has been successful and goals I thought that were never going to be in reach for myself are now very much achievable. If you’re wanting to take your physique to the next level or simply get started I would recommend Vaughan.”