Chris Bayne

Chris came on board back in 2018, with his goal being to compete in his first bodybuilding show. I had known Chris for sometime before working together, I knew how hard he trained and what his potential could be with the right structure/direction. We therefore set out in the Junior class for his first competitive season. In that season he collected 1 x🥇 and 1 x🥈, a huge achievement by anyone standards.

After that first season he was hooked, taking another 1 x🥇 and 2 x🥈the following year in his last year as a Junior. He had planned to move up to the male categories in 2020, however Covi19 stopped those plans. Instead he entered a long off season which saw him reach all time highs in bodyweight and new found levels of strength.

As we pulled down for our third season together in 2021 it was apparent that this phase have brought about new levels of muscle mass we hadn’t seen before. The physique had more balance, more shape and more symmetry. He took 🥈 in the mens Novice category and has another show coming up this week. I know that good things lie ahead for this man and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with him and I look forward to many years ahead.

Here is what Chris had to say about his journey:

“I first reached out to Vaughan in 2018 having lost motivation for the gym after constantly getting injured through powerlifting . I needed a new challenge and vaughan suggested a bodybuilding show. Later that week I agreed and we got to work for my first prep and 3 years later we are still going strong about to compete in our 6th showing together. 

I regard Vaughan not only as a friend and mentor but one of the leading U.K. coaches in the industry today. Each year he gets better and better and I am continually learning from him and thus is improving my own knowledge and business. 

My life has changed dramatically since reaching out to Vaughan going from being stuck in a rut lifting heavy weights and looking rubbish. To finding my passion in life competing and helping others achieve their dream physiques. If I hadn’t met Vaughan I do not believe I would be in the shoes I am today and I will always and forever be grateful l for what he has done for me and taught me.”