Clair Wiseman

When Clair first came on board she made it very clear what her goals were having competed 9 months prior. Our aim was to prepare for a photoshoot but with the ultimate goal to bring a softer look than that of being stage lean. Having competed before, Clair knew how gruelling it can be when you diet to extreme low levels of body fat and this time around she wanted to have more of a balanced approach that still allowed her to have the energy to do her job and be a full time mummy to her wee girl.

We also placed a huge emphasis on training execution from the outset, in which she repeatedly sent over training videos across each week with her check ins. These proved to be hugely valuable not only to slightly tweak form, but also for her confidence to go heavier on some lifts. Clair is a strong woman, but I knew she had some limiting beliefs of what she could lift. Having given her some encouragement to do so she is now stronger than ever and continues to see progress across the board.

What has been incredible to see is how much that confidence to go heavier and believe in herself and transferred to other areas of her life. As the months draw on I know she will continue to go from strength to strength.

Here is what Clair had to say about her journey:

“I reached out to Vaughan after a period of time where I had no real structure with regards to exercise and food after competing 9 months prior. I needed time to not think about being on a rigid plan and to live life with a relaxed approach. However after 9 months I was ready to get back into a proper routine with training and reached out to Vaughan as my partner had been coached by him for a number of months and I was impressed by how thorough he was and the attention to detail with his clients plans.

I began with Vaughan in July with the goal of getting in shape for a photoshoot. I didn’t want to go super lean after competing but wanted to push myself with my training and lean up to a certain extent. I was clear that I didn’t want calories too low or cardio too high because being a mum and working full time requires a lot of energy! I have learned that I can progress with training more than I ever thought thanks to Vaughan encouraging me every week and tweaking my form every week. I learned I can still live a life where I can have a wee treat here and there but still achieve my goal of how I wanted to look for the shoot. I learned I’m stronger than I realised mentally and physically. I learned that I love learning from Vaughan about progressing in my training and nutrition. I realised when I got to a certain weight and look that I didn’t want to push it further because it’s important to me to be healthy.

Since being with Vaughan my confidence has soared, I’m learning and improving every week in my training, I have found a good balance of being confident in my body and how I feel while still enjoying life. I’ve become a pro at macro tracking and am still able to have things I enjoy like Nutella and reeses peanut butter cups lol I feel like I’m in such a good place with training, food and still being able to have a fairy cake with my daughter when she shares her snacks with me! It has been a great 6 months so far. Vaughan has listened to me and understood. He hasn’t pushed me to do anything I don’t want to do and has been understanding of my life and what I wanted out of coaching especially being a mum and having little time! I’m ready to keep learning and progressing!”