Corina Hossu

Corina first came on board after coaching herself for the Arnolds. She had some bad experiences with coaching before so I knew that I had to show her what real coaching was! We entered her first structured off season where we pushed calories high, got incredibly strong across a variety of rep ranges and added some new muscle along the way. Along the way she asked questions to increase her own learning and you could see with each passing week that she began to believe in coaching once more.

After her off season we entered prep for our first season together. We actually jumped in an earlier show than planned, 4 weeks ahead of time. I remember saying to her “We’ll be about 85-90% but I think thats good enough to be very competitive. That being said, in her first show she competed with PCA, grabbing🥇in tall bikini, having finished 4th the year before. This improvement in placings was all down to Corina relentless to get better each week during her off season and her dedication to the plan.

I am grateful to be part of her journey and am so glad to have changed her mind on what coaching is and the standard it should be delivered at. We now have another two shows planned and I can’t wait to see how she gets on.

Here is what Corina had to say about her journey:

“I have worked with coaches before, unfortunately it wasn’t what I personally looked for, I didn’t feel like I could grow and evolve. I have coached my own self for Arnold’s last year and after that had a last show where I meet Clara, we were talking about coaching in general. I had no coach and I was on the verge to give up on coaching so I said to myself “Let me give another try”. At first due to my personal experiences with other coaches it was hard for me, haven’t felt that excitment as when I have first started on this journey but luckily I was patience with myself and the new environment. I have stuck with it, I had a structured plan, and an amazing 1st off season. Vaughan has been also patient and gave me the space I needed to grow and evolve, exactly what I was looking for and it got better and better.

I was amazed when at our 1st show of the season we won our class, I didn’t expected that at all. Vaughan told me to jump on that show, he has believed in me before I even believed in myself. He clearly see my potential and it’s also the 1st coach I have stuck with for so long I’m looking forward with excitement what we can bring on the stage in the future.

It’s in my character to be impatient so that’s what I struggle the most with, I learned “patience”, as an athlete you have to be patient to see the end results when you are coached.I learned that actually being coached by the right team can bring you a long way mentally and physically. I learned “Communication” to be more open with my coach. If I struggle mentally he is their ready to listen and he switches my mindset it in a positive way and right there we back on track and progress continues. I have got also more insight in the bodybuilding industry.

Since working together life has changed in many ways, best investment I make on monthly basis but not just that.Vaughan gives so much, he has the right approach, and can’t explain in words how grateful I’m for his support. When we had our 1st ever show together he made sure that he is there all the way through. I have never checked in so often and that was a pleasant suprise to see that he first of all cares of my appearance on stage but not just that, he makes sure I’m in that mental state too. He doesn’t give 100% , he gives 200% when it comes to coaching.

I feel valued, appreciated, respected, there is no judgements there is only growth and much more. I’m really grateful that I have given another chance to be coached. I believe that when you truly wanna give up on something that’s when greatness happens and new opportunities are coming in. When I jumped on the 1st consultation call and told him my goals., he didn’t question it, he replied “If you see it in your mind, you can achieve it”, right there I knew that this is the right environment I need to be in. Thank you VW physique for being a part of my journey.”