Deena Champaneria

Deena joined the team having competed before but she had never been given the structure and support needed to truly see the results we both knew she was capable of. After a productive off season through 2 lockdowns we made some great improvements and her mindset. Her commitment to her goals has been absolutely fantastic, because of this we set the goal of a photoshoot to show off the work she’d done and which would set her up perfectly to grow.

Deena is a joy to coach, full of energy, very honest with feedback and constantly striving to improve, the next phase is to grow and bring up the areas to step on stage to come back with an improved package. With her application you’d better believe when she gets lean again the improvements will be insane.

Here is what Deena had to say about her coaching experience.

“Ally and VW physique have transformed me. I joined after unsuccessful attempts with previous coaches and with the goal to build muscle. I have learned a tremendous amount and my plan was tailored towards areas in my physique that needed extra work. My lifting technique and positioning were monitored constantly and Ally made corrections to correct my bad lifting habits I had acquired prior to joining VW Physique.

I felt healthier and stronger throughout my transformation journey and even during prep. Ally is available when you need him, instantly providing feedback and the whole team are very knowledgeable.

Everything was structured so that that progress could be monitored on a weekly basis with regular feedback on progress which I loved.”