Emma Granata

When Emma started working with me, one thing was clear: she wanted to feel her best ahead of her wedding the following year, but she didn’t know where to start.

Emma’s story is very similar to that of many: although she had tried every diet under the sun, she didn’t feel like she understood the principles of nutrition that would help her make sustainable changes to her life. This meant that she experienced high levels of food guilt whenever she ate something that was on track, which left her feeling like she couldn’t enjoy the joys of life properly.

The same went for her training: she didn’t feel confident enough to go to the gym, and would engage with gym classes but then drop off because it wasn’t quite for her.

So, when we started working together, we took things very nice and slow. In order to build up her confidence, we started doing home workouts. Using video feedback and weekly checkins, we were able to build up her training confidence for her to start going to the gym just one month into her journey. Her ability to train well and push herself then increased exponentially, till we found her happy place with training.

The same went for food: we started off by using a meal plan to help Emma learn about calories and macros, and this was probably the most liberating part for her. She learnt how to eat on days that she’d be out of the house socialising. By tracking data, she started to see how a few untracked meals during the week would not hinder her progress, and this knowledge made her feel empowered.

Emma lost over a stone ahead of her hen-do and wedding in 2022, and has never felt more confident in the gym and outside of it, because she knows how to take care of her body, and has the tools and knowledge to work on her physique in a sustainable way.

Here is what Emma had to say about her journey:

“When I first got in touch with Clara it was just over a year before my wedding and I really wanted to get in shape and feel more confident about myself. I was always someone who wanted to lose weight and knew how to do it but didn’t really have the correct mindset to do so. I was always someone who felt guilty if I ate something ‘bad’ or went out for dinner.

The scales drove me crazy and I absolutely no idea what to do when I stepped foot in the gym. All of that changed after I found Clara. I trusted the process and now a year and a half later I’m the most confident I’ve ever been (in and out the gym) and my mindset is completely different around food and my weight. For me the mental changes working with Clara has had a far bigger impact on my life than the physical ones.

I’ve learnt so much from Clara and she’s helped me learn so much about myself and what I can achieve if I put my mind to it. I’m so happy I finally have the tools to be able to enjoy a life of balance which is what I always wanted. Clara has been an incredible friend and support along the way and I couldn’t be more grateful for what she has helped me achieve.”