Greg Bruce

I first got to know Gregor back in 2018 when he was preparing for his first physique show. At the time I simply helped him with his posing. It wasn’t until 2020 that we began working together aiming for a a showing in April time. Like many covid19 cancelled those plans and brought our prep to a halt 7 days out.

However that did not deter him from coming back in 2021 when the fog and settled and the dust had cleared. We set our sites high and went for the 2bros MK Classic where he won 2 x🥇and 1 x🥉. He was one of the easiest clients to work with, he stuck to the plan and executed it ruthlessly.

Here is what Gregor had to say about his journey:

“I first reached out to vaughan two years ago after seeing and hearing about the results in a friend of mine, a fellow competitor. I was impressed not only by the results that Vaughan had helped my friend to achieve but by the sharing of knowledge between coach and client.

Throughout the two seasons of prep that I’ve undertaken with Vaughan as my coach I’ve gained a lot of valuable knowledge in all aspects of bodybuilding, from all things training and nutrition to mindset and how to apply myself to my goals.

When I met Vaughan I had yet to compete in my first show and so we first actually met so that he could teach me a lesson in men’s physique posing, having a coach who had competed in the category himself was a great help here. I was definitely less confident as a person then but throughout my journey and two preps within team VW, I feel like I’ve become much stronger as a person and couldn’t be more certain about what I want to achieve in my future of fitness. I believe this has all due to the nurturing of a strong and healthy mindset that has come with the support of a good coach. He’ll teach you how to give it the beanz!”