Ian Gunster

I first started working with Ian after he had prepped himself for a photoshoot. Seeing how lean he managed to get himself, I knew that he already had a good level of understanding about training, nutrition and the process it took to get lean. However, his goals had intensified and he set his sights towards stepping on stage for the first time.

That being said, we picked his shows and got to work. Everything we did, every decision we made was calculated with one goal in mind, to bring the most competitive package we could do the stage and make him hard to beat. Throughout the journey to stage Ian didn’t really set a foot out of place. He asked questions to expand his knowledge, his training intensity and execution intensified and every week I saw him grow as an athlete, coach and person.

Ian competed in the WNBF first timers show where he picked up🥇in a class of 15! With the rest of the season ahead I am very much looking forward to seeing what he can do. One thing is clear, the future is bright for this young man.

Here is what Ian had to say about his journey:

“After completing a photoshoot prep myself in late 2021 I decided that I really wanted to test myself and step on stage in 2022. Although I was comfortable with self coaching for getting myself lean I knew that I would need someone with more experience in the competitive scene to get me to where I wanted to be. As a coach myself I realise how valuable it is to have someone to be accountable too. After seeing the success that Vaughan had with competitors I decided to reach out and enquire about coaching. Right off the bat I knew that I would be in safe hands after our consultation and had no doubts that he would be able to get me to where I needed to be.

As an athlete I’ve learnt a huge amount about training and more specifically training intensity. Having weekly feedback about my training has really helped me push my training to a different level and the time we have been working together has seen me make more progress than I have ever made in the past.

As a coach, the service Vaughan gives to his clients has made me really take a deep look into my own coaching service and has seen me improve various elements of my coaching systems. The professionalism and attention to detail Vaughan provides is astounding. He’s really opened my eyes to how in depth online coaching can be and I strive to provide the same service to my clients. Learning from someone at his level is making me a better coach.

My whole lifestyle has changed. Before we started working together I had always taken my training seriously but now everything I do in my day to day life has a purpose. I feel that I’m a lot more prepared/planned in my day to day life. As a person with a full time job, a coaching business and a social/family life it’s definitely not easy to juggle everything but for the past 7 months I’ve managed to make it work without any real issues. I’m just generally a lot more pro active and organised and I pin a large part of that on the fact I’ve been working so closely with Vaughan in that time.”