Jenny McKenna

Having done well at shows previously Jenny joined the team to take her competing placings to the next level.  The main focus from my side was improving her training intensity and focussing on progressive overload as it’s something she hadn’t done before. Fast forward 18 months and she won 2 x overalls and placed in multiple shows, her physique was leaner and more muscular. We also managed to diet her on higher calories than before with less output due to her off season being so productive.

Here’s what she had to say about her journey:

“When I first started working with Ally I really wanted to level up my physique. I had already competed 2 seasons back to back and when I approached Ally for guidance, we decided to take a long off season to come back bigger and better – we certainly did just that! I didnt expect to take 1, nevermind 2 overall placings. The season was topped off by achieveing my competing goal so far – my wbff pro card!

I was so impressed with the level of detail provided to each aspect of the plan. Everything is calculated and managed to a T. The check-ins were more thorough than I had ever experienced and I received my feedback super quick – something that I value very highly especially when on prep.

Not just Ally, but the wider VW team are so supportive and always on hand to answer any questions. I’ve learnt so much from my time on this team and grateful to have been part of it!”