Kelly Trueman

When Kelly reached out to me for coaching she knew exactly what she wanted: to compete in her first ever show. However she had no structure, guidance, wasn’t tracking anything in a consistent way and her training wasn’t set up in a way to bring up the areas needed for a bikini girl. As a coach that’s where I come in, to take everything up to the level needed. We started during lockdown with limited equipment which certainly made it tricky but it gave me a chance to really get her to nail positions and learn how to actually contract the target muscles. Once gyms opened up she went from strength to strength and the improvements not only in physique but in how she felt mentally were insane.

This journey for Kelly has been a pleasure be a part of, from training and enjoying the journey to taking it up a notch and LOVING everything about bodybuilding! From working as a nurse in an incredibly busy and stressful ward she has juggled and managed everything perfectly and after taking 1 x🥈at FitX in Masters bikini and now preparing for the finals we are only just getting started. This year was too test the waters and next time she competes I know deep down just how much improvement she will make, you can’t stop hard work and dedication.

Here’s what Kelly had to say about her journey.

“I had been training with no real structure and no idea about nutrition for almost 2 years when I starting working with Ally. I always had the end goal of competing but knew how long it was going to take to get a physique worthy of some trophies.

Ally gave me all the tools I needed to reach my full potential and with weekly check ins that are always answered quickly and give me loads of feedback that I learn from. I’ve now competed in two shows and on to the finals soon and glad I’ve got Ally by my side, supporting me along the way and at the shows.

I’ve got big goals for the next couple of years and confident as a team we will smash them.”