Kirstie Grant

When Kirstie started working with me, she had been thinking about doing a photoshoot for some time but hadn’t ever committed to the journey yet.

Kirstie picked an already busy and challenging time to start prep – within the first month of us working together, she moved countries to start a new job in her medical field. But not only that: as prep progressed, she submitted her master’s dissertation, defended it in a viva, and passed with a distinction. This is all whilst working on the frontline during the pandemic!

This was an amazing journey for Kirstie and the photos only show one half of the journey: she constantly challenged herself and pushed herself outside of her comfort zone through the process of trusting me as her coach to co-manage her training and nutrition. The end result was more than just a before and after – it was and still is a complete shift in mindset.

Here’s what she had to say about her journey:

“I have always been active and sporty, using the gym as my personal space in which to destress and self-reflect. I met Clara at university and ended up reaching out after seeing her own amazing transformation. With my past mental health struggles, I knew that her scientific, psychological approach would be the best fit for me to explore a different style of training.

It’s hard to put into words the mental transformation behind the physical changes captured during the fitness shoot. During this 18 week prep, I submitted my MSc dissertation and graduated with Distinction, moved to England away from my partner and family to go back into clinical medicine and started working as an A&E doctor during a pandemic. I have improved my relationship with food and prioritised proper nutrition as well as supporting my mental health with working on the front line through a pandemic.”