When Kristina first reached out she has dreams of competing, she just didn’t know how to get there. Having never spent long periods of time towards gaining new muscle mass that is exactly what he did after the first initial recomp. Although she may have found it challenging to accept her body changing she threw herself into the gaining phase and bodybuilding in general.

You see the before and afters, the amazing physical transformations, but what you fail to see is the change in the person. This is something that only us coaches will see and it was amazing to see what bodybuilding did for her as a person. With each passing week her confidence grew and I think the smile really does say it all.

Once we had completed a couple of lengthy gaining phases, the time came where we had to recomp. We opted to go for a photoshoot prep instead so that it acted as a trial run for competing in 2022 but without the added pressure of stepping on stage. This was down to Kristina wanting to see if she could handle the process alongside her busy work/life schedule. Safe to say she absolutely smashed it and that set us up for a prep in 2022.

We went ahead with prep in 2022  where she won 2 x🥇 in her first ever show and then six days later she went and grabbed 1 x🥈 and 1 x🥉. An unbelievable season and one that I was incredibly grateful to be part of. If there’s one thing I know it is that the future is very bright for this lady, and that anything she does, the will do to her utmost ability, the great thing is, she is only just getting started!

Here is what Kristina had to say about her journey:

“I felt that going on stage was the next logical step for me and after following vwphysique for a while I knew he would get me there. I liked the results, yes. But I also liked the values, the knowledge, the level of caring and especially honesty about V’s own journey. There was something about knowing he walked the walk himself. During our consultation call I saw the mindset, the determination, the vision that shared mine and the rest is history.

The service I received from V has been incredible. Feels wrong to call it ‘a service’ really, I feel a part of the family. I wrote a post about V as a coach as I had so much to say, read it here. But in short, V has always been there. To support, to advice, to tell me I can do more and to congratulate when I deserved. I’ve been most impressed with his continuous drive to better himself as a coach and as a human being. He always told the truth, including when things gone wrong and what he’s learned from it. GROWTH MINDSET. So I came to trust him 100%. When it came to competing, I did not worry about my calories, exercise or how I looked. I literally out that into V’s hands as I knew he will get me ready. I just did what I was told! And he did just that. Had my 1st season, 6 days, 2 shows, 4 placings and 2 invites to British finals.

I learned so much along the way that’s hard to know where to start. I learned a lot about training, such as muscle-mind connection, progressive overload and that your body almost always can do more than your mind believes. Learned a lot about food too, including carb cycling, macro counting, high days, volume foods and discovered many low calorie alternatives. The biggest surprise was me was peak week – HOW COULD I BE EATING SO MUCH MORE, EXERCISING SO MUCH LESS AND BE LOOKING BETTER/DROPPING WEIGHT?!?!?!?! You need a good coach to know that, to know your body and find you respond to best.

My life is very different now compared to pre-coaching. I now know there is nothing I can’t achieve. I have a great routine at a gym. I will always know how to get stronger, how to build muscle or how to loose weight. No one can take this away from me now. I have also learned to appreciate food even more and got inspired to create healthy and calorie friendly meals that look good too (that’s maybe outside the times on prep when rice cakes and coco pops had to dominate haha).

Bodybuilding is fun. It builds confidence. It makes you a part of community. You belong. You make friends. You achieve goals. You grow as a person. And you eat whatever you want – not just chicken, rice and broccoli believe it or not!

I love this life. And I don’t think I could say the same if it wasn’t for V. Thank you for everything.”