Kristina Ceslikauskaite

When Kristina first reached out she has dreams of competing, she just didn’t know how to get there. Having never spent long periods of time towards gaining new muscle mass that is exactly what he did after the first initial recomp. Although she may have found it challenging to accept her body changing she threw herself into the gaining phase and bodybuilding in general.

You see the before and afters, the amazing physical transformations, but what you fail to see is the change in the person. This is something that only us coaches will see and it was amazing to see what bodybuilding did for her as a person. With each passing week her confidence grew and I think the smile really does say it all.

Once we had completed a couple of lengthy gaining phases, the time came where we had to recomp. We opted to go for a photoshoot prep instead so that it acted as a trial run for competing in 2022 but without the added pressure of stepping on stage. This was down to Kristina wanting to see if she could handle the process alongside her busy work/life schedule. Safe to say she absolutely smashed it and I can’t wait to see what she does on stage next year.

Here is what Kristina had to say about her journey:

“I reach out to V because I had lost the weight but I wasn’t done. Simply maintaining wasn’t good enough. I needed the next goal. So the natural next step was going on stage. I followed VW Physique because of another Lithuanian girl I knew of. She’s done amazing and I could see that she had a really good coach. Not just her transformation but all others plus the content, the approach, the genuine caring of VWPhysique. After the initial consultation I had no doubts. V was so passionate and knowledgable. I felt inspired right there and then.

I learned so much along the way. About the bodybuilding, the community, exercise and nutrition, mindset and certainly myself. I learned that there are no stupid questions, no matter what you will ALWAYS get support from VW Physique coaches, other clients and bodybuilding community in general. I learned that there are no limits. Literally. The mind is the only limit – the body can always do more than you think. Bodybuilding is literally about building your body. I know it sounds obvious but seeing my body shape change like that blew my mind. I am actually building my body. There is nothing I can’t do. I said cardio is just something I can’t handle and then I did it. Lots and lots of it for the photoshoot prep. I have also learned that with preparation and routine you can get it all done even if life gets super busy. Can hit your macros, do all workouts and still have a life. Since I moved to a new place recently V supported me to achieve both – social and bodybuilding goals.

I am way more confident in myself – my body, my mind and my abilities. I have made friends in the gym and online. I have an amazing routine and big goals to work on. So really nothing short of having a purpose in life and the means to get there. I have also chosen to do my doctoral dissertation on female bodybuilders mental health, so watch the space for the survey!”