Liam Macadie

When Liam first came on board he hadn’t been in the industry very long, in fact he was just starting out. I could see that his training didn’t have the structure that was needed to achieve the results he wanted: stepping on stage one day, so we took immediate action. This involved setting a rotation that worked to bring up his weakness so we didn’t have dominance from one body part to the next. His nutrition was sporadic and inconsistent so we implemented some structure and got him on a meal plan.

Not only did these changes help bring about a more muscled and leaner physique they also built the foundational knowledge that he would take into his own business over the years, which is now (2021) very successful.

He first stepped on stage in 2019, where he picked up 2x🥈, narrowly missing out on the. These were both in the junior mens physique categories in his first competitive season and with the federations PCA and UKUP. Fast forward two years (2021) and he took the step up into the 2bros mens categories where he clinched a🥈and🥉.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch him grow as an athlete, businessman and also person in the time we have worked together. I know in the grand scheme of things his journey is still in it’s infancy, which makes me very excited for the future.

Here is what Liam had to say about his journey so far:

“I’ve been working with Vaughan for more than 2.5 years now, I had seen the results he had gotten for himself and his clients, how much knowledge he had and liked his coaching style.

I had no real structure to training or nutrition and he has completely changed the way I train and my views on nutrition. I truly believe my progress wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is today if I had not reached out.

To me Vaughan is more a mentor than just a coach, any questions I have is always answered to help me improve my own knowledge and the insights he has given me how to improve my business being a coach myself has been invaluable.

The growth I have seen as an athlete, a business coach and a man has been incredible within the coaching journey and I’m excited to see what’s to come in future.”