Lindsay McNeil

Lindsay signed up for our 8 Week Elite Physique program and achieved a fantastic result in a short time frame. The program provides clients with the structure their training and nutrition needs that will ensure they get leaner on a week to week basis, eradicating any frustration they once had and taking their physique to a place it’s never been before.

Here’s what Lindsay had to say about her journey:

“Like many other coaches new to the fitness industry, I made my clients and my business a priority and along the way started to let my own training, health and wellbeing slip. I decided it was time to start working with a coach again and Vaughan was highly recommended by a friend.

When the 8 week elite physique program was announced I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see how Vaughan worked with clients, what systems were in place and what knowledge I would gain from working with him.

The level of time, dedication and attention to detail that Vaughan gives to his clients is second to none and shows how passionate he is about his work. Throughout the 8 week plan I developed a focus and direction in my training that I’ve lacked over the last couple of years and found that love for training again that I’d started to lose, and for that I could not be more grateful.

I look forward to the many more months of progress to be made as my journey continues.”