Lisa Scrymgeour

Lisa joined the team with aspirations of competing in the bikini class, but she was also looking to get on top of her health. She had not had a menstrual cycle for some years and knew that VW Physique would be able to help her.

As Lisa is a vegan we needed to educate her about nutrition and to ensure she was getting enough protein in throughout the day. She did just that, completing a successful gaining phase which not only helped her regain her cycle but also added a large amount of muscle to her frame.

We transitioned into a dieting phase for a photoshoot roughly half way through lockdown and she took it all in her stride: training with limited equipment in her living room and not complaining once.

She has now transitioned back into a gaining phase and will be taking to the stage next year. Here’s what Lisa had to say about her journey:

“I first reached out to Ally because I wanted to compete in bodybuilding but had limited knowledge of what was required to build tissue. Before that point, I had been training without putting much thought into what body parts needed brought up the most and, significantly, including too much cardio and too few calories.

In the little time I have worked with Ally I have learned so much about nutrition, female health, and I now train so much better and wiser.

In a year, Ally managed to help me build a physique that I am looking forward to showing on stage, and also helped me get some health markers back in place. Ally has guided me every step of the way through good times and bad, and for that, I feel very grateful.”