Liv Ford

Liv approached me to  get in the best shape of her life for her 30th in Ibiza. COVID19 may have cancelled the holiday but that didn’t stop her achieving what she set out to do and come shoot day, she looked amazing.

When Liv joined the team her general habits, training and focus were good, but she typical would be consistent from Monday to Friday and then go off plan at the weekends. This was in due to comfort eating and one to many wines, something she was actually unaware off at the time.

I simply helped her understand the triggers that were causing her to go off track and find a more effective approach to nutrition that was more in alignment with her goals. This involved educating her on the important of food quality but also implementing a more flexible approach that stop her from feeling restricted and feeling like she needed to eat chicken and broccoli 3x per day.

From a coaching perspective this was simply a case getting an extra 10% from all variables whilst showing her what consistency and staying on track can do. It was amazing to see Liv grow as a person over this photoshoot prep and even more amazing to see her achieve what she did with such limited equipment training from home.

She now has a burning desire to continue to improve and I can’t wait to help guide her to become an even better version of herself.

Here is what Liv had to say about her journey.

“I contacted Ally to get in the best shape possible for my 30th I knew how to train and knew a little about food but he really helped unlock my consistency and pushed me to my limits with training while helping me learn how to actually use the muscles I was working. I had a bad habit of stress eating or eating for comfort which would slow down my progress and he helped give me ways to work around this. I am super proud of the results I achieved for my photoshoot but even more, so I am so focussed on improvement and I am far more confident in myself which is a massive bonus.”