Matt Chandler

Matt joined the team and was doing everything he should have been doing to change his physique execept he was not doing this optimally. Matt is a busy online coach and like many he had fallen in the trap off prioritising his clients over his own journey.

He was going through the motions which lead to stagnation and a lack of progress. I therefore set him up with a plan that made it easier to adhere to and one that he could simply follow without thinking. This enabled him to get results with his physique whilst still focusing on delivering the best service possible for his clients.

The transformation truly does speak for itself and what made this even more incredible was that it was done training from home, during the lockdown in 2020. This is a real testament to his mental strength, passion and desire to success. 

Here’s what Matt had to say about the journey:

“I’ve always been into training hard and having my nutrition on point but I knew I hadn’t reached anywhere near my potential with my physique. I started on the 8 week elite physique during the first lockdown and fell in love with the process of having a coach.

The accountability and support from Ally was an instant game changer to the results I was getting. I started believing I could achieve an incredible physique and instead of it being an idea it became reality. As an online coach myself having my training and nutrition programmed for me took a huge stress out of my life so I could focus on giving my own clients 100% as well as expanding there experience by the knowledge I was gaining.

If you want to take your physique to a level you never thought was possible I highly recommend Ally! Best decision I ever made was getting him in my corner.”