Meghan Thomson

When Meghan first came on board it was apparent she had a very good level of understanding about training and nutrition, what she lacked was just the accountability and consistency. We started coaching during lockdown and after the first 6 weeks I suggest to her we do a photoshoot.

At the time I knew the thought of standing infront of a camera might have frightened her, but I knew with some time and patience she would absolutely smash it. This was simply down to her having a preconceived idea how what she thought was possible.

Those limiting beliefs were smashed and with each check in I saw her confidence grow and how awesome she felt in her own skin. The gyms were closed this entire prep so it meant training from her back garden and garage which she did so without any complaints.

I was super proud of what she achieved but I know this is only the beginning. Heres what Meghan had to say about her journey:

“I reached out to Vaughan after finding his social media page on Instagram and was blown away by his body transformations. In the middle of lockdown I got myself in to some bad habits and realised I needed a bit of help, structure and accountability. I signed up for the 6 week lockdown physique and after a few weeks into the programme I was blown away by the results I was achieving and we decided to set a goal to go for a fitness photoshoot. One of the first things I’d said to Vaughan at the end of the photoshoot prep was that it was one of the most hardest, yet rewarding things I’ve ever done. I absolutely fell in love with the process, and most importantly fell in love with the person I’ve become. I’m so much stronger mentally and physically, I’ve developed discipline and resilience and most importantly I’m much more confident than before! I can’t thank Vaughan enough for guiding me through this process and I look forward to smashing more goals in the future with him.”