Michael Wooley

I started working with Michael during lockdown where he had  limited access to kit. He is someone who has trained for years but found he was going through the motions and not seeing the results he wanted, after a consultation call I knew with a bit of structure he would see amazing changes.

His big goal was being in the best shape of his life for his wedding and as we got closer to it we decided he was doing so well that a photoshoot would be the best rout. As you can see the results speak for themselves and his commitment was absolutely spot on, this was an interesting one allowing him a diet break through the week of his wedding before going back into the dieting phase.

From looking absolutely insane on the best day of his life (his wedding not the shoot) to taking himself totally out of his comfort zone and being absolutely shredded for his photoshoot, this is what coaching is all about.

Here is what Michael had to say about his journey:

“At the end of July 2020, I got chatting to Ally on Instagram and after seeing all his client’s transformations, I knew that I wanted to sign up. Before joining the team, I had been training on and off for a good few years with no real goal in place. Both my training and diet were ok, but to be honest I enjoyed snacking too much. I was due to get married in April 2021, so initially my main goal was to get in shape for it with the potential of a photo shoot when I was ready.

We started with a gaining phase for the first four months before embarking on the cut for the wedding. I was really happy with the progress I made and how I looked on the big day. I took a 2-week break then we set a date for the shoot. I got straight back on track and continued to train hard and stick to plan. Doing the shoot was completely out of my comfort zone, but since joining Ally’s team my confidence has definitely grown. I have also gained a better understanding of macro counting, meal planning and how important tempo is when training.

I have no set goal in place at the moment other than to head into the gaining phase and build some more muscle. I would 100% recommend anyone to sign up with Ally! At the start I remember him telling me to trust the process. I did and it works!”